Saturday, 3 November 2012

Secret Lairs: Venusian Queen - sketches

Following the thought of the "very curvy queen" I created few sketches with general ideas of how she might look like. I'm still not exactly sure if I want her to be very curvy or enourmously big, unable to move. 

  1. First - I need to understand how a bigger body 'behaves' to be able to create the right environment. 

   2. Ideas of how she might wear. Not "royal" enough, in my opinion, though I wanted her to like like that.

                                    3.                                               4.

I can already feel it's not going to be easy. Challenge! I like it. 


  1. is it wrong, but I think she's rather adorable! I love the slight sense of her being a bit comedic perhaps - it gives your project a very unique slant - some really appealing sketches here, Samantha :)

  2. You clearly have nothing to worry about Samantha. These character designs are fantastic, very free and exploratory. It looks like you are making great progress (despite your worrying!) Keep up the good work! :D