Friday, 16 November 2012

Secret Lairs: Online Greenlight Review

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  1. OGR 16/11/2012

    Hi Sam,

    Well - what a delight your character is - in all her luxuriant awfulness and bordello-esque attire! She exists very clearly in my imagination - not least because of all those witty, expressive drawings of her; your drawings of the Venusian Queen remind me of the work of 2 other artists, Beryl Cooke:

    and the animations by Joanna Quinn

    (Joanna Quinn's work is amazing - and your Venusian Queen would fit right in amongst Quinn's women!).

    I'm very confident in regard to your resolution of the Queen's boudoir - very atmospheric final painting, I can almost smell the sweet, heady perfume and scent of Turkish Delight and slightly spoiled bouquets of roses! I'm still not 100% sure about the proportion of your hero-prop fan-thing; it just seems like an awful lot of metal machinary to power a small amount of feathers. Personally, I think the size of the fan could be much more exaggerated - and much more peacock-tail like - though it might be that this is the machine 'at rest' and when it's in operation, the fan does open out? Nonetheless, I would investigate a few more iterations wherein you play fast and loose with the proportions. That said, you've clearly worked very hard to resolve your various components for this stage in the 7 week project and I find your determination and 'open heart to new experiences' very satisfying...

    So, Sam, Maya awaits you... go wrestle and good luck!