Friday, 2 November 2012

Secret Lairs: Influence Maps

 Three influence maps representing main ideas and inspiration for Venusian Queen design, her lair and the 'hero prop':

According to the mind map I've created, the queen will most likely be a curvy or overweight women with big hairstyle and vivid make-up. Her lair should represent kind of a 'fake wealth', messy and packed with useless items which I'd like to keep in a steampunk style (also the hero prop).


  1. okay - so why steampunk exactly? Isn't there an argument here for deriving her world from something less 'generic' (at least in sci-fi terms?). What is the logic that means that Venusian culture is particularly 'steam-powered'? Steampunk is analogous to Victorian technologies and sensibilities - is Victoriana (an era famous for its inhibition and restraint and conservative values regarding sexuality of all kinds) a truly appopriate 'fit'? Discuss!

    1. I chose steampunk because I needed something decorative and functional (baroque was too much and not really functional). So it's more about the visual values than the actual 'steampunkery'. Also, typical fantasy/science-fiction machines were not suitable for the whole image of the queen who is trying to fake her wealth and beauty through material objects.
      About the hero prop - I wasn't really thinking about using the actual 'steam' for it to move, more likely strings or more primitive construction, though in the victorian, decorative style.

      Does this defend my use of steampunk? :)