Friday, 24 May 2013

Fantastic Voyage: The Prokaryotic Life // EDITED

I made few changes in the timing of the animation even though I knew they were going to be really subtle. I also decided to leave the old version of sound effects. 

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Speed Paint Practise: Cloud Art

Around a year ago I came up with an idea of 'cloud art'. I know the name might sound really cheesy but it got stuck in my head and I couldn't help that.

The idea itself is really simple - seeing shapes in clouds and painting them in photoshop. 
Not seeing anything like that around the Internet I got really excited. Unfortunately, I started working on it not long before the summer ended. 

Before I moved to England and gave my whole attention to university projects, I managed to speed paint two ideas:

I know - nothing too original but believe me - it's so fun and relaxing!

In the wave of university work I completely forgot about this idea and abandoned it; today, after almost a year my brain woke up.
I gave it another try: 

It was really refreshing and fun! I am definitely going to take more photos of clouds over this summer and carry this idea on! 

Friday, 10 May 2013

Toolkit: Maya - Final Checklist

Intro to Autodesk Maya
texturing, common shaders, UV maps
geometry types, texturing and lighting, lights and shadows

Due to problems with unavailable videos:
Screenshots of Animation Part 1,2&3:

Digital Sets
old alley

Intro to Character Animation
bouncing ball, pendulum, chain
jumping, can snatch, walk cycle

Screenshots of Animation: bouncing ball1&2, pendulum, chain, jumping, can snatch, walk cycle

Intro to Lighting
whimsy house
whimsy kitchen

Intro to Pre-Visualisation
pan, roll, pitch
dolly shot, crane shot, close up, mid, far camera
contra zoom, camera shake, car crash

Screenshots of Pre-Viz:
Intro to Rigging & Constraints
Rigging: Feet, legs, spine, arms, head, neck, final grouping
Leg pistol, eyes, object exchange, tail

Intro to Deformers
Deformers, blend shapes with Inbetweens

Screenshot of Deformers:
Intro to Texturing
Double Sided Shader, Xray
Faked Rim Lights, Transparency
Maya Fur Presets, Fur Hat

Visual Effects 2: Render Layers and Compositing
Stereo camera, software rendering, depth of field, mental ray and render passes

Intro to Skinning
Smooth bind: edit weights, painting weights, adding influence objects, interactive bind

UNIT2: Secret Lairs
bed and lanterns
pillars and lanterns
general set, hero prop
modelled set
built up, final set

UNIT4: Fantastic Voyage Commission

Toolkit Maya: Intro to Skinning

1. Smooth Bind Part 1: Creating Joints & Edit Weights

2. Smooth Bind Part 2: Painting Weights

3. Smooth Bind Part 3: Adding Influence Objects

4. Interactive Bind & Painting Weights