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Secret Lairs: Edward Scissorhands - Review

Edward Scissorhands is a movie made in 1990 and directed by Tim Burton, being his first collaboration production  between himself and now famous and respected actor Johnny Deep.

Edward Scissorhands explains where the snow comes from in a fantasy way with a mixture of drama and romance. The main character of the movie Edward (Johnny Deep),who is an artificial man whose inventor (Vincent Price) died before changing Edward's scissorhands into harmless artificial limbs.
The movie starts with an overwiev on the suburbs in which the main plot takes place. A pastel-coloured houses of the same shape, green mowed lawns and small community of people who pay no attention to the huge gothic castle with rules over them and destroys the treackly image of a perfect neighbourhood. Only Tim Burton was able to created such twisted mixture of two completely different environments and moreover, mix them in perfectly compatible way.

"It’s become one of my favourite films, an almost flawless creation, a shimmeringly beautiful, gothic fairytale full of the most astounding colours and set design (...)."
(O'Connel David, 2008)

The director himself said the story of Edward Scissorhands is personally his favourite and most successful production, it may be because the plot has been inspired by Burton's personal life and early childhood experiences when he couldn't find his own place in the world; struggling between different people and not being accepted.
Edward, who's been taken in by Peg (Dianne Wiest) gains trust of the neighbourhood by showing his artistic skills, innovative visions of fancy hairstyles and fantastic frontyards. He falls in love with his saviour's daughter Kim (Winona Rider) and adopts to the whole community quite easily, unfortunately he's soon to realize that apart from Peg's family, nobody cares about his kind soul and will of helping and doing good. As soon as people discovered his honest personality they started using him for bad purpouses accusing him of breaking the law, what eventually led to tragic events. As Shutle states in his quotation:

"As sad as Edward’s story is, it’s also beautifully entertaining(...)"
(Shutle Brian)

Clearly, the story is entertaining though with a very visible mark of endless sadness and confusion. For sensitive people even parts of the movie in with everything seems to be leading into the right direction it might have a negative feeling with unexplained sadness lurking from behind Edward's pale and innocent face. There is a hint of tragedy in every held event; considering human's nature and the stereotypical image of suburbian neighbourhood Edward's visit couldn't have finished in a good way.

"This is classic Burton, dealing with the well-trodden themes of the outcast, the definition of normal, the desire and inability to communicate, and the many masks we wear."
(Horne Darren)

Horne makes a very strong point in his quotation, summing up the fairest truth about Tim Burton and his production. The movie acoompanied by Danny Elfman's beautiful music is a perfect combination of fantasy, romance and drama. It leaves the viewer's mind widely opened for thougths and consideration.
During the screening there might be moments of doubt, questions to ask about the sense  of the production, the plot and it's coherence, nonetheless what makes a fantasy story a fantasy if not the simple act of doubtless faith in what we see and experience. No questions should be asked as there's no point in asking "why and how?" if the story has not been made to explain it.
Edward Scossorhands is a production oriented on the heart and soul of every human being.  Its kindness and innocence is so strong that it simply makes the audience believe in everything it shows.

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