Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Character Design: 29.10.2013

During character classes we were introduced to a topic of shapes and how important they are during the process of character design. 
Our first task was to understand how characters are built and find shapes in given examples. 
Next step was to change the default shape of a character into a different one: 
With understanding the importance of shapes we then had to change a given character in every possible way, playing with shapes and sizes: 

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Character Design: Final Story Idea and Villain's Prop Designs

1. Final Story Idea - Fantasy Dystopia, Theme: Happiness
A human scientist sells his soul to a demon in exchange for not dying of illness. With help of demonic spells, he builts a device that is able to extract the 'fantasy streak' from creatures that live hidden amongst people.

The scientist extracts the streak to power up a rapidly growing human utopia which leads to chaos in the lands of fantasy creatures. 
They are the ones responsible for keeping the balance between two worlds but without their souls they can no longer maintain the harmony and that's when both worlds start collapsing.

It will be the hero's and his sidekick's goal to bring the balance and happiness back to both human and fantasy worlds.

2. Villain's demonic device (ideas): 
 Few silhouettes showing what the machine could look like. Each of these has an 'entrance' and 'exit' for fantasy creatures to walk in, get their 'souls' extracted, and walk out. Silhouettes of a flame represent what has been extracted, nr.2, 4 and 5 could also have a spot in which a viewer would see floating bodies of captures creatures.   

Few silhouettes taken a little bit further: 

Monday, 28 October 2013

Maya: Head Modelling Part 5

1. The Hair Part 1

2. The Hair Part 2

3. The Eyebrows

4. The Eyeballs

5. Head Modelled, Scene Cleaned

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

@Justin: Character Design: Figuring out the story - Part 1

RESEARCH - folklore stories, Pomeranian history, fantasy creatures

* known for guarding treasure and priceless possessions
* history reaching Ancient Greece, Persia and Egypt
* protectors form evil, witchcraft and secret slenders
* Griffins would match for life
* claws were believed to have medicinal properties
* feathers could restore sight to the blind
* in Britain's stories Griffin has no wings

* historical region on the south of Baltic Sea
* Pomerania = Slavik po more = Land at the Sea

UTOPIA - in this world utopia belongs to humans, particulary one - the villain - who wants to rule the world and does everything to make humans' life perfect.
Although there could also be a version of his intentions not being pure. The villain wanting to create an utopia for his own self, sacrifacing others, maybe even fooling them into thinking he's the 'good guy'.

Taken from folklore story: if a man was in a state of a fatal disease and really close to dying, there was still a chance for him to stay alive. If people saw the devil and the Grim Reaper next to the man's body he would defeat the disease and become healthy again.
Furthermore, people who sold their souls to the devil had to wear chains underneath their clothes as a indication of such action.

This could be a good inspiration for the villain's features and possibly the motives of his actions.
He could have some kind of devilish powers or evil skills as a prize for selling his sould to the devil.

DYSTOPIA - depending on the villain's action a particular type of dystopia would appear. It can either be a dystopia created out of aggressive actions of the humans, bringing the chaos and sadness amongst other creatures or a dystopia created purely by the villain.

Base idea for the dystopia: the dystopia is an outcome of the humans expanding their utopia. Some creatures think, that by betrying their own species they can gain protection and be left in peace. It never works this way for them.
Some races attack each other in order to gain power, expand their towns; they behave just like humans and that leads to even bigger chaos and anarchy.

SIDEKICK - definitely going to be some kind of a water creature. Based on a folklore story about A
Creature from the Regalica River. 
He could start out as being one of those creatures who believe that the villain will guarantee them safety if their work for him. SOMETHING needs to happen in order for the sidekick to realize that the devilish human is a villain (possibly his species imprisoned, family harmed).
The future sidekick captures the future hero (?) and that could be a way to introducing themselves to each others.

HERO - definitely going to be a griffin based creature. His personality is yet to be described. He could be either a destined hero or a hero-yet-to-become.
He doesn't necessarily need to have magical abilities, althought claws and feathers of griffins were said to have had special properties.
In the history of griffins they were also compared to the Sphinx. The hero could be a trickster and a clever character that uses his strongest points against the villain.
Also his backstory needs to be resolved. Answering questions like - is he a typical hero archetype or an innocent and not aware of the world youngster. Is he a serious warrior or a goofy one. How did he become the hero, etc.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Character Design: 22.10.2013

Today's classes were about changing objects into characters and characters into objects. During first part of the class we were given random types of interiors. Based on objects that can be found in each room we had to create a hero, sidekick and a villain.
The type of interior I've been given was: MUSIC ROOM  
An old and forgotten piano ended up being the villain, hi-hat became the piano's loud and annoying henchman and an electric guitar was meant to defeat the forces of evil instruments (althought without it's prop - the guitar stand - the guitar hero was powerless).  
The last assignment was to pick one object and transform it into a given character. 

Maya: Head Modelling Part 4

1. The Neck

2. The Throat

Monday, 21 October 2013

Maya: Head Modelling Part 3

1. The Nose

2. The Ear

Narrative: Storyboard

Storyboard made for the Narrative Group project. I did the linework, Kinbi fixed few mistakes and painted grays in, Vikki currently works on the animatic.

Animatic coming soon!