Sunday, 11 November 2012

Secret Lairs: Hero Prop Thumbnails

A very quick ideas and silhouettes development for my hero prop. I chose two silhouettes which seemed to be the most interesting and practical.
Personally, I would go for 1.0. from sheet 1:



I can sense Maya waiting for me to start modelling the hero prop.
This is something new!


  1. I am in agreement 1.0 is a good choice. i can see how it would work, whereas the others I do not quite understand how they would operate. Mind you, with the giant feathers its pretty obvious its a fan of some description! Nice work as always Samantha! :D

  2. You know - with all that baroque finery, I'm wondering if maybe on Venus there's some kind of enormous peacock from which your queen could pluck her fan feathers - there's something about peacock feathers - all that blue - that would really pop in your red-themed boudoir!

    there's something too about the 'vanity' of the peacock and the big round shapes that might better suit your character?

    1. Yes, to be honest - I was thinking the same thing. I will try using it when working on final concept :)

  3. Very professional layout to your hero prop, and great idea bringing it back to the silhouettes to open up your imagination. Inspirational.