Monday, 26 November 2012

Queen's Lair: Bed and Lanterns

So far the modeling stage of the project is going quite slowly but forward.

1. Queen's bed:
                          I don't want to say: 'The bed is in the background of my scene so I don't have to work
                          on it too long'. All elements are important, though at this stage I'm going to move
                          forward, eventually coming back to the bed later.

2. Lanterns: 
                      Again few more versions here as I am not quite sure if any of these look good enough. 
                      If I had to choose one right now and here I would go for number 6, though number 
                      1 seems to be fine too. 

Any feedback would be appreciated.


  1. It looks like a great start to the bed. :) Don't worry too much about it. We know you'll come back to it and make it perfect later :D And I really like lantern number 6. Something about it seems 'real'. (For want of a better way to put it.) Keep it up :)

  2. hey the beds looking good dont worry about it too much Sammy! and with the lanterns I really like the parts that stick out on 4 maybe you could merge it with 6? see what kind of design you get

  3. the bed looks so did you get the creases in the duvet to look so good! i like lantern 6, but also 3's bottom detail. good work :)

  4. for me, I like lanterns 1 - 3 because somehow they evoke the goddess more so than lanterns 5 and 6, which just feel a bit more masculine - to be honest, a mix of styles would lend a sense of luxury and layerings of texture and touch to her boudour, and I think they need some fringing and glass beads etc around their bottoms (but I'm sure you're onto this already!).

    Can't wait to see you exploring all the glow effects and lighting etc. Onwards!

    Oh - and I can't help feeling that your character would have loads of cushions on her bed! A ridiculous amount!

    It suddenly occurred to me that maybe you should take a look at the 'elephant room' interior from Baz Lurhmann's Moulin Rouge! A great example of that plush, over-the-top decorative style...

  5. oooo wow the bed looks great :)