Friday, 11 March 2016

Sketchbook - 11.03.2016

Just few sketchbook pages. Not many as I have been focusing on digital painting more.
Sorry for blurred right side :(

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

CAA & MASK Project

Edwin Wainaina . Adore Woman .
This is a project that has been completed recently - on the last day of Feb 2016. It was a collaboration between CAA and Kenyan artists. Each of the alumni team has been designated with a piece of artwork created by a Kenyan student. The task was to animate it and create a 1:30 short.

Above it's the artwork of Edwin Wainaina and my task was to create an animation of his painting. It was an interesting experiences as we were encouraged to keep in touch with designated artists, ask for feedback and encorporate their ideas into the work.

Below it's an animatic and final animation for this project.
If you are interested in seeing more work in progress and other artists work go here - to CAA & MASK blog.


Final Animation: 

YPGTTO Speed Paint Challenge 2 : The Flute District