Thursday, 8 November 2012

Secret Lairs: Thumbnails

A bunch of first ideas of how Venusian Queen's lair could look like.
I want it to be packed with useless and meaningless things, rather messy but with a feeling of a royal room.
Here is what I managed to come up with:

(In my opinion - too royal, too spacious. Not messy enough. This is not the style (neither the droids) I am looking for.)








(This one is my personal favourite, though it needs more "meaningless objects")

When the idea is clear and fair in my head and in thumbnails, I'm going to use silhouettes to create all objects which surround the queen in her environment. I'm sure it will help with creating more interesting and bizzare things.
To be honest - I am feeling stuck and every constructive comment is appreciated. I can't figure out the lair and also I'm not sure in which direction I should move to make this task more interesting for me (and everyone else). 
Probably the best idea right now is to draw more thumbnails. 


  1. WOw 2.2 and 4.0 i love the linework and lighting!!! the colours you've used are really effective

  2. Morning Sam - love the richness and the plush clutter of these spaces; there is something very 'burlesque' about the mood here, and perhaps looking at 'burlesque' as a point of further reference would be useful at this stage. I really like the lanterns in 2.2 and the ostrich feathers in 4.1 - signs of opulence. Obviously, your queen isn't a 'true' queen, but I'm wondering if you nonetheless need to up the 'scale' of this space a little - a bit more 'queen'? Some historical references in terms of decadence and spoiled rulers:

    Marie Antionette and the Palace of Versailles:;_koningin_der_Fransen.jpg

    Also - remember the lecture on Frankenstein - in which I made the association between decadence and luxury and sensual indulgence - and the art style/fashion known as 'Rococo'?

    Maybe this might help guide your production design in a slightly more focused way?

  3. I love 1.2, 4.0 and 4.1! they really show a sense of depth and character! I can really tell that your character is showered in royalty and power!