Sunday, 4 November 2012

Secret Lairs: Venusian Queen - more sketches

 Following the need of designing the Venusian Queen I decided to do few more sketches. I wasn't expecting it to be that fun, though I might say I got carried away in few of them.
She is getting bigger and bigger!

                       1. Expensive teabag          2. Catching the Universe!    3. Getting even bigger.

                                                 4.                                        5. 

Somewhere in the process of sketching I found out her feet look hilarious being all puny and small. I don't want her to be too cartoonish, though. I should probably think about changing it/actually doing that. 

Few ideas of what the queen could be wearing when ruling her kingdom: 

I think it's a good moment to start working on her secret lair. I'm looking forward to it, as I've got the feeling it's going to be even more entertaining!


  1. loving the cellulite :D dat ass! I like the 6th outfit, she's like a post-movie disney princess.

  2. Wow, Sam - and you're right, she's quite a comic creation (I love the drawings in number 3) and I don't this is a problem at all... :)

  3. These illustrations are incredible Samantha! Really experimental. And its great you're having fun with them, it will only encourage you further in the long run! :D I can't wait to see how you design her rich exotic abode! its going to be fantastic. i love the last sheet, where you have experimented with her outfits in colour. Keep it up! (By the way- your digital painting skills are incredible!)