Saturday, 10 November 2012

Secret Lair: Thumbnails

Few more thumbnails which, in my opinion, are very close to the final image of the queens's lair. All four of them seem quite similiar; It's not good, though I suppose there's nothing wrong with it at this point as 2.1. looks like it could work just fine as a key thumbnail for my final concept. 





This time I decided not to pack these ideas with the "meaningless" stuff in order to clarify the room itself. When I'm sure about the lair's size, angle and everything else I will think about queen's items. 


  1. I love 2.1 definately should go with this concept!!

  2. great thumbnails samantha, i like 2 and 2.1 the best, these feel like the most complete rooms to me. I think the red colour adds a lot to the image. suits your queens character :)

  3. yep - 2 and 2.1 - but I like all those lanterns in 3, but I love too all the intricacy of line in 2. The opulence of this 'boudoir' is jumping off the page :)

  4. 2.1 in my opinion Samantha :D Its just oozing elegance and feels spacious, which is precisely the kind of room needed by a Venusian Queen! I can't wait to see a room like that filled with the expensive looking clutter :D Great work!

  5. I really like 1 and 2, the angle in 1 is really nice and it shows more of the room, but i really like the contrast in 2 with the red and the grey