Thursday, 22 November 2012

Queen's Lair: Pillars

For the modeling part of the project I decided to start with particular elements of the scene and I ended up doing the pillars. Here is the development of them:

In my opinion number six is the most interesting and look a lot like the pillar I placed in my final concept for the Venusian Queen's lair. 


  1. Oh! These are looking really good, I like the detailing in number 6 :)
    Nice Work! :D

  2. Number 6 it is, but I'm wondering if you could exaggerate the 'pear-shape' a little bit more even, so that the pillars reflect the fleshy excesses of your queen herself? For instance, I like the 'waist' of number 4 as it meets the bottom element of the base, because it accentuates the 'hips/bottom' of the column - is it possible to grow the hips and shrink the waist of column 6 a bit more, so it's more obviously 'Rubuenesque'?

  3. I love how each of these seems to progress through to more and more detail. They look great. I like how 6 has that 'heavy' look, much like the queen.