Friday, 23 November 2012

Secret Lairs: Hero Prop Thumbnails

In my feedback I was advised to rescale the machine in order to find the right proportion between the feathers and the mechanism. In response to that I decided to work more on the feathers.
After looking at different kinds of fan I decided to add more feathers to the upper part to make it look bigger without rescaling the mechanism.

Subsequently I realized the first version of the hero prop looked quite boring and bald just as though the feathers had been taken from a very old and sad peacock.

Here is the result of my further development of the fan:


I am not quite sure which one I prefer. Any feedback would be appreciated :)


  1. It i indeed difficult to pick just one of these designs! they're all amazing Samantha! Ummmm I'm rather fond of 1 for its big fluffy nature. I could see that fan whipping up a breeze to cool off the queen. And I think number 4 also. for a similar fluffy quality, but also the green nature of the feathers (and the casing that holds the feather together, they make a very nice finished touch) :D As always Samantha, excellent work.

  2. Hey Sam - for me, it's number 3 - it's the strongest proportionally, though I don't see why you shouldn't include the more explicit peacock eye design in your number 3 fan shape for further richness...