Friday, 9 November 2012

Secret Lairs: Character Bible + Silhouettes

Character Bible:

Silhouettes of queen's useless items:

They all look quite bizzare and really meaningless. The next step is to suit them into the actual lair. 


  1. Hey Sam. love the work that you're doing for this project, especially the fat lady in the burlesque gear.. As I mentioned today I found that Aphrodite piece of concept art I mentioned. All the environments of god of war are lush and rich, atmospheric and grand... Take a look. Here's a link's_Chamber

    Look forward to seeing how you develop the structural composition of your hero prop. I suggest a simple mechanism, love the idea of it activated by minions out of sight. Maybe some line work over the top of these silhouettes?

  2. Hey Sam - Look 2 Phils popping by your blog... I think your Venusian Queen really jumps off the page - I feel both rather sorry for her - and also want to give her a slap! :) I just love those silhouettes - they have wonderful fantastical qualities. I think one day - when you've beaten Maya into submission - you may have to revisit Queen Resmina - she's too juicy to abandon!