Thursday, 27 February 2014

Adaptation B: Developing the Shadow - Face

Following the suggestion given during tutorial design of the face #1 has been taken into further development. Sheet below presents different ideas for the face (upper row) and hairstyle (bottom row) for the Shadow. My personal favourite so far is number 7. 

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Adaptation B: Developing the Designs

Two sheets below present the process of developing the chosen designs derived from inkblots. I wanted to quickly sketch some ideas to get used to the characters and look for general forms for some of them. The focus was mainly on the hero, however some of the designs kept on looking purely evil.  
Designes 22 and 23 have been taken into further development. It was more tricky to find their initial forms because they were only silhouettes in the beginning. They are still work in progress; both the hero and the shadow should look more alike, the details of their features need to be established.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Adaptation B: The Logic Behind the Project and Influence Maps

Today tutorials opened my eyes for the variety of ways that can be undertaken to develop this project. The diagram below shows the logic behind the project with general words and explenations and it should be read from bottom upwards. 
I also really liked Phil's suggestion about making the word 'liminal' (relating to the point beyond which sensation becomes to faint to be experienced) the name of the city. It got stuck in my head and in the end I decided to use it.  

Influence maps below shows different time periods from the history that heavily influenced children's lives. They would establish the visual features and style, and possible year in which the story would take place.
 Personally, I am leaning towards child soldiers in Asia. Even though for now I only have a slight idea of how everything would look like, I also have the feeling that this path could be really interesting in terms of details in designs of both the characters and the environments.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Maya: Game Modelling Part 4

1. Diffuse Maps - Stone Base
2. Diffuse Maps - Pillars
3. Diffuse Maps - Rope

Adaptation B: Influence Maps

I would like the Shadow to be an elegant villain, a decent guy who radiates with evilness. That could make him more convincing as "the shadow of an ordinary person"; that small, bad part of the soul that everyone has in them, however not always activated.

The Hero is a little bit more complicated. He can basically be any other positive archetype. I had a brief idea of the Hero being a twin (same/similair facial features) of the Shadow, however in a positive form. That would make sense in the story of a person battelling themselves with two pieces of their soul standing against each other. That idea needs to be taken into further consideration.

The Hero's archetypes has yet to be defined so for now the influence map is a mixture of different archetypes that could later influence the final hero design:

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Adaptation B: Story Ideas

In order to take the designs into further development a premise of the backstory for them is needed. I would like to base the characters on archetypes from lists below which have yet to be chosen:  
 Sheets below present premises for possible stories: 
I am leaning towards premise 4 with the clear archetypes of the shadow and the hero, however any feedback will be appreciated. 

Mudbox: 18.02.2014

Adaptation B: Chosen Designs

Few additional designs found in inkblots:
The next step is to figure out the story behind the characters, their goals and archetypes. 
Two sheets presenting designs that will be taken into further consideration and/or development: 

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Adaptation B: Exploring Inkblots Part 2

Each onkblot had to undergo the same procedure as inkblots 1 and 2. Below is the result of exploration: 
The sheets below present all designs derived from all 10 inkblots: 

Not-in-Praga.jpg Collage

The collage journal I called "Not-in-Praga.jpg". That first attempt to collage was really fun and I would definitely like to try it again.   

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Adaptation B: Exploring the Inkblots

I started thinking about different ways of approaching the inkblots and ways of deriving ideas and designs from them. Below are two exemplary sheets presenting inkblots 1 (which got 31 responses) and inkblot 2 (11 responses) and possible process of exploration. 

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Adaptation B: A Big Thanks to Everyone!

I would like to thank everyone who participated in the inkblot challenge. Many really interesting responses have been sent and I can finally take them into further development : ) 
Below there's a set of 10 inkblots and interpretations you all sent. 
Many thanks! 

Life Drawing - 12.02.2014