Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Queen's Lair: Pillars and Lanterns

More Maya progress and changes:

1. Lanterns:  
                  I decided to not to make too many different versions of these just to avoid the
                  problem with deciding with one I'd like to see in my queen's lair.

2. Pillars: 
              only number 4 is new, though I decided to put it with previous versions just for comparision
              and to show the difference. Personally, I still like number 3 the most. I feel like number 4
              would draw way too much attention when placed in the foreground. 


  1. number 2 is very pretty i love the part that hangs from the mainbody

  2. How on Earth did you achieve those tassels! They are brilliant. This is completely unhelpful but i really like all of those lanterns. (although 1/2 are my favourites :D) As for the pillars I like 3 the best.

  3. lanterns 1 2 + 3 ! Mix and match! Not sure about those pillars - it's between 3 and 4, but I think you're right about pillar no 3 :)