Monday, 1 October 2012

Space and Environment: Cinematic Spaces - Thumbnails

Here I am presenting thumbnails I managed to do so far. All of them refer to "A Lunar Morning" excerpt, so number one of three given.
This excerpt is mostly about how the Moon looks when main characters land on its surface. It seems to be a deserted, dead place with piles of snow, but when sun comes out everything changes. Plants begin to grow and this lifeless place starts looking like a jungle, filled with life and sun beams.
Two men came to the Moon in a sphere, so the white dot that appears in my thumbnails is the sphere; I think adding that small detail can actually help in understanding the size of environment and surroundings.

 I decided to arrange my thumbnails into sets, to show how the same idea changed, by editing colours, size and other details. Also I wanted to try different styles to find my own way of making thumbnails/quick coloured sketches. So far it is not yet what I would like to see, but two more excerpts await me.

P.s. Set 13 started with a base of Renoir's painting "'Moulin Huet Bay, Guernsey"


  1. Hey Samantha,

    I LOVE set's 7 and 10! The composition in 7 is awesome and I really like your illustrative style :)

    The lighting in 10 draws me in and I like the texture you have created with your brushes :)

  2. Brilliant thumbnails - looks like you're getting comfortable with Photoshop?

    There was a chap in my year, who left actually to study elsewhere, who had a very similar style.

    Check out:

    1. Thank you! I've had many confrontations with Photoshop before, that's why now I'm trying to find my own way :)

      And wow - if, one day, I'm going to be as great as Paul Lemarquis - I need to get back to work to actually achieve it!

      Thank you for your comment, Jonathan : )

  3. Hey Samantha,

    Well - isn't this exciting :D Lots of atmosphere here, and I like all the free, painterly and expressive qualities in many of your images here - there's that confidence in the marks evoking more detail than actually described - and that's one of the special attributes I think of some concept painting - the use of expressionism over the didacticism of detail. Very is certainly something very calming and tranquil about the colour palette in 2, 3 and 10. What's really interesting is the way the more illustrative approach of the green image in set 7 (which is particularly successful in my view) totally changes the 'tone' of your adaptation; there is something much more 'pulp science-fiction' and 'boy's own adventure' about that kind of approaching; it sort of recalls lino-cuts or more 'vintage' methods of reproduction of images - somehow more 'of its time'. In terms of establishing a unique, but apposite style, I really like what's beginning to happen in that image - feels very illustrative and 'classic' somehow! Very excited to see this, but personally, I'd like you to upload your images at a bigger size more generally - people are pulled in my images - and right now there's an awful lot of white on your blog page - go bigger, so your blog has more of a feel of a portfolio.

  4. oh and in terms of cross-hatching and line as an aesthetic - check out the illustrations by Harry Clarke:

  5. wow samantha! if only i could have final pieces as resolved as these thumbnails!

  6. hi samantha your work is amazing i really love the layouts in set 7 especially the green one, but i'm really drawn to the colour palette in set 2