Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Cinematic Spaces: Creative Partnership Archived

For this project my creative partners are:

Peta-Gaye Brown:
George Nwosisi:

Creative Partnership Archived:

My comments on Peta-Gaye's works:

1. Samantha21 October 2012 05:05
In my opinion number 6 works the best : ))

2. Samantha21 October 2012 05:09
Hey there! This is looking really interesting! I would try adding some more details in foreground to make the buildings stand out some more.
Still, it's looking great : ))

3.  Samantha20 October 2012 13:03
First one looks more like a snowy place when third seems to be rocks and ground.
I vote for number three! : D

4. Samantha20 October 2012 09:11
These are looking amazing! I love how twisted they are! Are you going to make them more transparent? I think this would help to make them even more glass-alike!
Still, looking great! I can't wait to see your final concepts : )

5. Samantha6 October 2012 10:44
You are absolutely right! Composition in here is great and feels like a movie screenshot.
If I were you, I would think about adding few more details to liven it all a little bit more : ))
Can't wait to see more from you, as it seems you are speeding up! : )

6. Samantha4 October 2012 07:49
I somehow like everything that's on the page number 4. There's something really interesting in the way you put gray on it, though ideas themselves are great as well.
I can't wait to see more from you : )

7. Samantha4 October 2012 08:00
I think by having these - you could easy start building the certain building, or even the whole view of the place : )
Don't be afraid and go for it!
    And what my drawing tutor used to say: "Even if you think that right now it's not a good time to start drawing - do it. Produce 100 ugly pictures and be sure, that 101 is going to be epic"

8. Samantha24 October 2012 12:41
I like how it's looking so far :)
Try maybe adding more contrast on the water surface to make it look less flat, and maybe lighten up the background to add the depth.
Good luck!

9. Samantha24 October 2012 14:29
I especially like the second one : ) Good job with the details, atmosphere and everything else.
I wonder about your third piece. Can't wait to see it : )

My comments on George Nwosisi's works:

1. Samantha20 October 2012 13:01
I wonder how this piece will change into the final one : ) Can't wait to see it!
I don't like that grainy effect though. It doesn't look real. Maybe try experimenting more with colours : )

2. Samantha20 October 2012 08:04
It's good to see new works from you, George : )
I think that if you work on this piece a little bit more, it will be a very good final piece.
To everything that Phil wrote I'd like to add one more thing - think about the lightning around the windows. If you want them to be purely white give the viewers a hint of "why they are so white". Maybe light beams on the ground, or some feathering around the window frames.
I'm encouraging you to trying different ideas and ways of achieving the "spooky mood" : )
Good luck and keep it up!

Peta-Gaye's comments on my works:

1. Peta-gaye BrownOctober 21, 2012 10:52 AM
hi Samantha I'm really loving 3.1 and 1.5 the framing of 1.5 works so well :)

2. Peta-gaye BrownOctober 10, 2012 1:55 PM
I really like the rock formation in the first image and the lighting in the second, these look really good :)

3. Peta-gaye BrownOctober 6, 2012 3:34 PM
Hi samantha,
I really like your first two concepts of the cavern, I love the grainy texture that the first drawing has. The use of lighting is very strong in the second drawing, and i think that the atmosphere that the lighting creates is really interesting. I can't wait to see how you push these concepts.

4. Peta-gaye BrownOctober 4, 2012 9:07 PM
hi samantha your work is amazing i really love the layouts in set 7 especially the green one, but i'm really drawn to the colour palette in set 2

George Nwosisi's comments on my works:

1. George NwosisiOctober 10, 2012 10:02 PM
HI Samantha
these thumbnails are really powerful, i love how you've used colors to bring your thumbnails to life and making it speak for itself. nice work.

Apart from commenting uploaded works we also helped each other during working on thumbnails and final concepts, giving opinions and pieces of advice.

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