Thursday, 25 October 2012

Cinematic Spaces: Final Concepts

Here are my three final paintings for H.G. Well's story The First Man in the Moon.

1. Excerpt 1: The Lunar Morning - beginning of the story in which main characters land on the Moon; it looks like an abandoned place, they are surrounded by rocks but suddenly the sun comes out. 

2. Excerpt 1: The Lunar Morning - after the sun came out plants began to grow on the Moon's surface. This dead place changes into a jungle. Plants are different from these on Earth.

3. Excerpt 2: Experiments in Intercourse - men find out they are not alone on the Moon. They are captured by Selenties, the Moon creatures, and introduced to their underground civilization and technology (not in a friendly way).  


  1. Well done Samantha! You should be very proud of these. You worked very hard on them. Good luck on crit day for all of you guys :)

  2. these are so atmospheric, sooo nicely done