Friday, 19 October 2012

Cinematic Spaces: Plants 2.0.

Some more ideas of scary plants growing during the Lunar Morning (done in our Photoshop classes 19.10.2012).

1.                                                                     2.                                                               3.

After completing third one I started playing with hue/saturation, trying different colours in order to achieve even more toxic feeling. Here is what I ended up with:

Right now they seem to vivid but after placing them into actual concept they might work pretty well.


  1. These are really cool Samantha, I like the way the leaves/branches are drawn like hands and fingers, I particularly like #1, as it is quite a subtle design yet theres still something eerie about it... :)

  2. hi samantha. sorry i've been a bit absent from your comments lately, i've been snowed under with work (as has everyone else!)
    i'm absolutely loving these plant designs, they're so vivid and yet, still very menacing. brilliant!
    from a distance, they appear as if they're manipulated ink, like in this image;
    i can't wait to see how you integrate these in your final images. good luck on the final push and see you on crit day (if not before)!!