Monday, 1 October 2012

Cinematic Spaces: Additional Drawings

I decided to take a day off from doing thumbnails and tried to design the "mysterious apparatus" which G.H. Wells' characters approached in chapter 14 - "Experiments in intercourse".

"The meaning and structure of this huge apparatus I cannot explain, because we neither of us learned what it was for or how it worked. One after another, big shaft of metal flung out and up from its centre, their heads travelling in what seemes to me to be a parabolic path; each dropped a sort of dangling arm as it rose towards the apex of its flight and plunged down into a vertical cylinder forcing this down before it."

And here some projects of big shafts of metal:


  1. Again - great to see you rolling up your sleeves and getting your hands dirty - trying things out and adding flesh to what is a rather indistinct detail in the novel. Something perhaps to think about in terms of your 'visual concept' for your world. As I observed in my previous comment there is something very 'vintage' about your 'green moonscape; and as I talked about in the briefing presentation, when we try and imagine alien technologies or our future, we inevitably make them in the fashions, forms and visual vocabularies of the present. I wonder - in terms of designing the 'alien' machine, you might consider designing them as if you're a Victorian - i.e. that the alien technology would reflect (inevitably!) the technologies of the Victorian era - in terms of its shapes etc. Indeed, one way to approach your production design challenge might be to 'think like a Victorian'... anyway, there are already hints of this in your 'big shafts of metal' images - with the rivets and 'industrial revolution' feel.

    1. Thank you, Phil!
      I'm going to look through Victorian era right away! (I'm getting really excited, as I thought my mind was getting quite stuck) : )

  2. and obviously you can use the silhouette method to jump-start your thinking - so gather together lots of Victorian industrial components via a good google search - convert to silhouettes and go and do what you went and did for the summer 101! Who knows what you'll create!

  3. remembered this - thought of your 'green number 7'