Friday, 19 October 2012

Cinematic Spaces: Plants

My struggle with excerpt three The Fight in the Cave of the Moon Butchers finished slightly different that how I would have expected. After being given advice, I decided to concentrate on excerpt one, The Lunar Morning, again. And to be more precise, on the description of plants' vegetation.

After gathering photos and ideas I created two sheets of silhouettes:

Not all of them resemble actual plants, and that's why I decided to 'design the inside'. After choosing four random silhouettes I ended up with these pieces:

                                              1.                                                     2.
                                               3.                                                     4.
In my opinion 1 and 2 should be reconsidered again, because they don't look like plants and they don't give the feeling of a living organism. However 3 and 4 could work as actual designs in my concepts.

What's funny, I ended up creating things scarier than I wanted. Again!


  1. Samantha, these are looking great! 3 is definetely my fav, very organic and oh, looking pretty poisonous!

    love how creative your works've been lately. obviously, hard work pays off (: amazing, amazing, amazing job.

  2. These look like guild wars concept art, soooo beautiful