Saturday, 6 October 2012

Cinematic Spaces: Influence Maps

H.G. Wells "The First Man in The Moon" is situated on the Moon's surface and in the underground caves. Therefore all these influence maps show somehow rocky environments, caves and different shapes of rocks, not including the machinery of excerpt two.

1. Excerpt: A Lunar Morning

"The outline of things had gained in character, had grown acute and varied; (...) Here and there at the edge of the snowdrifts were transient little pools and eddies of water, the only things stirring in that expanse of bareness (...)but our feet were still in shadow and the sphere was lying upon a drift of snow."

"The resurrection of the frozen air, the stirring and quickening of the soil, and then this silent uprising of vegetation, this unearthly ascent of fleshliness and spikes."
2. Excerpt: "Experiments in Intercourse"

"But at last the great place that formed a background to our movements asserted itself. It became apparent that the source of much at lest of the tumult of sounds which had filled our ears ever since we had recovered from the stupefaction of the fungus was a vast mass of machinery in active movement (...)."

"The cavern spread  wide and low, and receded in every direction into darkness. Its roof, I remember, seemed to bulge down as if with the weight of the vast thickness of rocks that prisoned us."
 3. Excerpt: "The Fight in the Cave of the Moon Butchers"

"At times the cleft narrowed so much that we could scarce squeeze into it, at others it expanded into great drusy cavities studded with prickly crystals (...)"

"I could see a limited portion of the cavern beyond. It was clearly a large space, and lit no doubt by some rivulet of the same blue light that we had seen flow from the beating machinery."


  1. Great post, Samantha - nicely unpacked in terms of your thinking, and cleanly presented. :)

  2. Some really interesting influence here. Some of the more bleak/empty landscapes remind me of Ian McQue's work. See what you think of it: