Sunday, 21 October 2012

Cinematic Spaces: Thumbnails

Few more developed thumbnails for excerpt one The Lunar Morning and the act of vegetation.
To keep my works coherent I had to create scarier version of plants and that's why I decided to use more toxic and flamboyant colours (though I am sure that I exaggerated it and some changes will have to be done during painting final piece).

At first I decided to use previous thumbnails with rocky landscapes and just fill them with plants (of course with different colour variations):



After that I wanted to play some more with this first piece by copying some parts and placing them around:



Following the idea of remaking previous thumbnails I created next piece based on my "renoir painting thumbnails":
I think it gives the right impression of scary and dangerous environment and is somehow more interesting. Unfortunately resolution is very small, because previous thumbnail was no bigger than 700px.

Before my eyes fell out of my head I started looking for inspiration around the Internet to create something new not based on previous drawings.



I think there's is something nice in them, though it's still not "IT". I need to keep looking and trying before actually creating a final piece (I hope I won't ran out of time!).


  1. Wow Sam these are amazing I especially love 3.1 the colours go really well and the purple mist gives it off some kind of poisonous atmosphere.

  2. hi Samantha I'm really loving 3.1 and 1.5 the framing of 1.5 works so well :)

  3. Hey Samantha, hope your eyes didn't fall too far out of their sockets! :) 3.1 is effective, but 2.0 creates a real sense of space, what with the suggestion of layers and distance and climate. 3.1 suggests a jungle, but not quite the 'lunar' mood of some of your earlier images. I think you need to make best use of midground and background 'layers' to put these great looking plants back on the surface of the moon.

  4. Wow, the atmopshere of 1.0 is fantastic. As for 3.0 and 3.1. They are incredible. I can safely say i wouldn't dare walk through such creepy looking plant life. God Knows what could be lurking in their twisted forms! Fantastic Job Sam!