Thursday, 16 January 2014

Infographic: Versions A&B and Different ABC Sets

Two variants for the infographic animation shown below: 
However, after today's tutorial I agreed with Phil that it will be more appealing and convincing if The ABC remains doable (even if slightly crazy by the end). Followed by that, different Sets of ABCs have been done. Each one have different definitions for letters that I am not sure about, and feedback in that case would be really helpful :) Letters that I think are good enough for final version and remain the same are: B, D, E, G, K, N, R, V, W, Z.

In addition to that, The ABC of Version B (so the really surreal one) was a lot of fun to do. I am not going to write all examples but my favourite one for letter R was "release the Kraken"...


  1. Release the Kraken is a winner! Use it! :D

  2. Sam - When you get a chance come and see me about these.