Sunday, 26 January 2014

Adaptation B: Idea and Inkblots

For Adaptation Part B I decided to work on character design and the main influence are Rorschach Inkblots. Choosen people will be asked to draw whatever they see in the given cards and further development will be taken from that point. There are still few decisions to be made, however the idea is most likely not going to change. Below are few examples of the outcome of the "draw what you see" process.

Pictures below present the whole gallery of inkblot tests and the most interesting ones will be taken into further stage of the project.


  1. Very excited about this project, Sam! Onwards!

  2. Me again - you know, you could launch this first part on the project as a 'Speed Paint' style challenge? Get students/Alumni etc. to pull down the image off the group blog to take into Photoshop, and then get them to email you the augmented image? It would be exciting to involve people and perceptions that are 'outside' of your own circle...

    1. To be honest, I thought about it for a moment, but the possibility of Ctril+Z in Photoshop is something that could ruin the idea of "first thing you see in the picture" thing : /

    2. This is true I suppose - but maybe you could zone this out via the briefing itself? It's how you brief, I think - 'the rules'. How were you thinking of running the 'response workshops?'

    3. Hmmm...brief is a good idea but I still think that Ctrl+Z would be tempting. And layers are also tempting (example: "I can do three versions and then choose the most interesting one and send it as "the first thing I saw").....or maybe it's just my Polish soul that should trust people a little bit more : D

      Anyway, I was thinking of xero copying 5 different inkblots and a sheet of paper with few easy questions to answer. What people draw on inkblot cards, with point they will be looking at the card from and what media they use to draw, is up to them, I am only interested in shapes.

      I have that feeling that Photoshop will not allow people to look at these inkblots as they would look at them if they had them printed out...I might not be right, though. Hmmm...

      Maybe it can be worth trying a mixture. Giving few to people as printed out cards and posting the same inkblots on group blog for people to respond via Photoshop... ?