Monday, 27 January 2014

Infographic: Final ABC List

The Final Version of The ABC of Procrastination list. Descriptions in brakets will be read after a short pause.


  1. Some notes:

    D = Drink (no need to say wine or alcohol, that's part of the animation)
    E= Eat Junkfood (make it specific and naughty)
    F = Fill your time (this is what your animation is all about....try something else)
    H = Hack Facebook.....(no need to add friend), You could say Hack the Pentagon too?
    K = Kill your Sims (No need to say how - Again its in the animation)
    L = Lunchbox Miracle (not sure I get that one?)
    N = Nominate yourself for an Oscar (no need to say award)
    U = Unveil your Unicron costume
    V = Voodoo (no need to say doll - its in the anim)
    X = Xerox your face (not Xero)

    1. I have already sent the final script to the person that's going to record the voice :( I don't think that would be professional to suddenly sent him another script...