Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Adaptation B: Inkblot Interpretation Help Needed!

I know it has been posted on the group blog but I decided to create a separate post here:


1. Open the Inkblots (below) in Photoshop. Outline what you see!
2. Please don't use Ctrl+Z or Eraser Tool - respond freely and instinctively.
3. Create as many layers per inkblot as you want - each layer being a new drawing - don't merge layers.
4. Feel free to rotate inblots horizontally and vertically.
5. Images should be black line art - no fill colour.
6. Resolution not smaller than 1000x698 px and .PSD format.
7. Don't change the original file names.
8. Please send your drawings to SNiemczyk1@students.ucreative.ac.uk with 'ADAPTATION B' and 'YOR NAME' in the subject line.
9. Please complete the Inkblot challenge by Feb 9th.

Thanks to anyone who will participate! :)


  1. Hi Samantha,
    i am from the first year and i have sent the email to you for the drawings so please check if it is in a right format and size. :) and i am excited about your work :D

    1. Hello,
      I got your e-mail, thank you a lot for participating : )) I was wondering if you might have a version without merged layers and if you could send it through again? Please and thank you : D