Sunday, 12 January 2014

Infographic: The ABC of Procrastination

Initial The ABC of Procrastination ideas. I know that's a lot of reading but the smallest feedback would really be welcome.  


  1. Hi Sam...

    I'm liking where this is going. However I would suggest...

    1) Either the ABC is increasingly becoming surreal or its surreal from the outset. So in the first case A would be something normal but by the time we get to Z its Z is for Zebra Juggling. In the second case you would start out with surreal and end with surreal. Escalate or keep it consistant.

    2) Don't over explain too much....So instead of B is for Build a Rocket with things from your desk just say B is for Build a Desk Rocket - The desk bit is can be the visual gag

  2. I laughed a lot, Sam - I like the ones that have the ring of truth about them too - the ones that actually nail the psychology of procrastination - the one's that will make people go 'Yes! That's me!' and also feel a bit uncomfortable; a combination then, of the 'true' and the surreal. This does feel like a job for 'Mr Voice Over' to me - it has a Bill Plympton feel - a bit sardonic, and a bit deadpan - track down Plympton's 'How To Kiss' for some further inspiration :)