Thursday, 7 February 2013

Storytelling: Storyboard - Draft

Rough version of the storyboard for the story about two chefs on an island:


  1. Page 7, last panel - BAHAHA his face! So mad it's amazing :D <3
    was so easy to read, and so fun!! wow! beautiful

  2. I LOVE THIS. it has so much character and is really easy to read. the feelings I had at the end eugh amazing as always sam :T

  3. I think you have a real story on your hands here, Ms Niemczyk! And your audience would appear to agree... just to clarify, the panel just as the older chef changes his mind about the dynamite; is that him looking in on the young man's restaurant and changing his mind, or is that a flashback? Either way, it works, because you've really shown the chef thinking and reflecting on his behaviour here - but I was just curious which way you'd decided to play it. Also - in that final scene, it just feels to me that perhaps we could see the fish in the pan and the two of them cooking it together or similar, because right now it does feel a little bit as if the older chef is surrendering, as opposed to the two of them 'collaborating' (thus hinting at a more long term resolution for these two characters after the credits roll). What do you think?

  4. The second panel when the old chef is looking is the flashback, yes!

    I think you are right with the old chef surrendering, though it's not how I wanted him to feel... That's why I find the idea of 'collaboration after credits' to be a really good one! Thank you :))