Sunday, 3 February 2013

Character Design: Francois Gautier Charbonneau

 Restyled designs for Francois, the old chef from the story, and his posture's silhouettes:

I am thinking face numer 3 and body silhouette 1 or 2. 

Also, in my opinion these two would work together quite fine.


  1. Hey Sam, I'm not sure how you're numbering your faces, but I also like the middle face on the left column - I like his fat chin/neck and even though I really liked the thick moustache on the previous post, somehow that weedy little moustache with that fat face gives him a certain vulnerability too; he looks properly over-indulged. The 6th face (bottom of right column) has a masculinity about him - which almost makes him too heroic looking - like an experienced retired army guy. There is something about the middle faces in both columns that have a 'weakness' about them - something a bit sly, which you might want to use in terms of setting up the characters right away. Personally, I'd like to see these two middle faces wearing a chef's hat - and also the middle face in the right column having the ears of the middle face in the left...

    You know, the more I look, the more I think 'middle face, right column' - he just looks weak, tired and jealous all in go! :) Give him a pompous looking chef's hat and a cravate!

  2. Face 3!! These are amazing, I really like body 3.

  3. Hey Sam, looking at the series of faces in that first page. I love the style of drawing used on the chef in the bottom right, he looks so soft and vulneable, but I bet he looks fierce when given an angry face. I think the thick 'tasch' works brilliantly. Body number one on the silhouettes page also works well I think. If he was enormous, he'd have difficulty getting around a restaurant, especially in a busy kitchen! These are such lovely faces!