Saturday, 2 February 2013

Character Design: General Style and Luca Mitchell

 After drawing few ideas and concepts for Luca Mitchell, the young chef from the story, I decided to take it a little bit further and work more on the style, as I decided not to stick to my ususal ways of drawing.

After gathering pictures and photos of different tropical, Australian and New Zealand's art styles I came up with general rules and colour schemes which I decided to use during the designing part of the project.

1. Colour schemes:

 2. Inspirational silhouettes:

3. Different concepts for Luca's posture (not yet mixed with 'tropical features') and face:

In my opinion body type number 5 and 3rd face after restyling would work quite fine.
Luca is a young man, polite and honest. As a native from the island he should be more muscular, though with obviously gentle/neutral body posture.

This idea of 'restyling' made me so happy and excited about the whole designing process, that before deciding about Luca's future appearance, I might work on Francois' first. I really want both of them to be coherent in style!

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  1. :D

    but I like body shape 1 - only because it's more obviously youthful and not too 'Tom Cruise'.