Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Storytelling: Restaurant Thumbnails

These were supposed to be quick speed paints but took me way too much time. Not many different things, just various colours and effects. 

                  1  (perspective died in here...)                   2




This restaurant is not looking too luxurious, I know. I wanted it to have a touch of the islandic feel but I think it went quite wrong, too extreme. 
Next approach to the restaurant and thumbnails of Luca's snack bar will happen as soon as I take care of the storyboard. 


  1. Maybe if you took the Disneyland approach to the island theme - you know, a sort of mass-produced, synthetic, too perfect version of the 'natural' look?

    1. Yeah, I guess I will have to give a try : D Thank you!

  2. Well whatever you're trying to achieve with the look of your restaurant Sam, what you're creating in the meantime is doing nothing to ease my sadness at the lack of sun and blue sky at the moment! These are some beautiful ideas and I'm drawn to the more saturated colours of 2. The more paled out images of 4 and 6 remind me of old picture postcards... Really lovely stuff! Please do more!

  3. oh these are beautiful :D I love the warmer colours in these pictures with the bolder colours. amazingggg