Friday, 7 February 2014

Infographic: The ABC of Procrastination and Making Of


  1. This is absolutely brilliant, love it! :D

  2. In terms of project building your project has all the right ingredients – 26 creative and very well designed scenes, good animation, and a high degree of commitment sitting below the surface – An excellent use of four weeks. However, I took a poll by showing your infographic to several people and the general consensus was that they ‘didn’t get it’ - In each case they all asked “was it meant to be funny or serious?” I think this is indicative of a tonality problem rather than anything script related, a joke is funny / unfunny depending upon who tells it. In this case I think the issue is a mix of the voiceover artist’s tone/ speed (he did a good job but perhaps in terms of your direction you could have asked for a more upbeat reading towards the end). Also, I think people were waiting for your work to ‘escalate tonally, either getting more extreme or nonsensical (a climax of sorts) before returning to actual mundane work (contrast). However, as I said at the beginning there is a lot of good work here Sam – Well done.

    To take forward into Adaptation part B and future projects;

    Sam, you are a natural illustrator (I’m not sure if you are aware of that or not?). The reason I say that is that you effortlessly manage to capture real life, emotion, and thought patterns in your drawings, however cartoony. Often your work has ‘naturalist’ tendencies too, leaning towards social commentary – Your work reminds me of comic books like American Splendor where real life situations are depicted through observation and short dialogue. They also blend humour with the negative aspects of life - Even ‘Adventure Time’ has an element of this. The reason I’m mentioning this is that it is big strength in your work and something I think you should harness and develop. Furthermore, if you combine your artistic skills with a personal ‘voice’ (a personal subject) your work will rapidly improve and become more impactful - Your infographic suffers from missing a bit of this quality. In future projects try and push the boundaries of the course by picking topics that allow you scope to say more, creativity will follow.