Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Adaptation B: Story Ideas

In order to take the designs into further development a premise of the backstory for them is needed. I would like to base the characters on archetypes from lists below which have yet to be chosen:  
 Sheets below present premises for possible stories: 
I am leaning towards premise 4 with the clear archetypes of the shadow and the hero, however any feedback will be appreciated. 


  1. 4! I can see too how you might use the 'iceberg' diagram of the human mind as a means of structuring your city - not so much a city that spreads out, but a city that goes up (and a long way down...).


  2. have you had a look/know about the 'Commedia Dell'Arte'... its where all public story telling comes from... a set of universal characters (archetypes) so that when the plays were performed the audience already knew the characters! They have some rather beautiful mask also and colours/costumes that represent them. All of Shakespeare's plays have these characters in too... most obvious is Pierrot and Pierrette/Columbine, the star-crossed lovers (sound familiar?)
    Also if you go with #4 have a look at Pixar's new film Inside Out...


    :) Come find me thursday/friday and I'll tell you all about the commedia dell'arte!

  3. Have you seen the film 'Identity'. If not give it a watch.