Thursday, 20 February 2014

Adaptation B: The Logic Behind the Project and Influence Maps

Today tutorials opened my eyes for the variety of ways that can be undertaken to develop this project. The diagram below shows the logic behind the project with general words and explenations and it should be read from bottom upwards. 
I also really liked Phil's suggestion about making the word 'liminal' (relating to the point beyond which sensation becomes to faint to be experienced) the name of the city. It got stuck in my head and in the end I decided to use it.  

Influence maps below shows different time periods from the history that heavily influenced children's lives. They would establish the visual features and style, and possible year in which the story would take place.
 Personally, I am leaning towards child soldiers in Asia. Even though for now I only have a slight idea of how everything would look like, I also have the feeling that this path could be really interesting in terms of details in designs of both the characters and the environments.

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