Sunday, 13 January 2013

Storytelling and Commission: Plot Ideas

First general ideas for the story of the chef, the dynamite stick and the desert island.
I've already asked few friends about their opinions.

It would really like to know what you think, guys.
Any feedback would be appreciated :)


  1. Hey Sam - greetings all the way from Florida!

    okay - so my reactions to your ideas so far:

    I'm not sure I understand the connection in your first ideas between the chef and his role as the head of a company; it seems here that his 'chef-ness' isn't really being used in a proactive way. Personally speaking, the idea with the suggestion of rivalry and sabotage seem the most satisfying in terms of visual comedy and character design. The idea of making the restaurant into the 'Desert Island' feels like a bit of cheat, but the idea of the chef going to a desert island to collect the most rare ingredient also has potential.

    Maybe you've got two rival chefs in two rival restaurants; in terms of cartoon logic, the restaurents could be literally facing each other acros the same street. Perhaps the rival chefs are trying to out-do each other with the most elaborate dishes (and perhaps a third character is food critic who is judging best restaurant of the year, and the two chefs are competing for his attention?). Perhaps, on the island there is one very rare macguffin - a secret fruit or famous rare bird - a dodo perhaps! - which would form the centrepeice of their winning meal - so, finally you have 2 chefs competing to get their hands on this 'ingredient' and they will do anything in their power to beat each other - including the use of dynamite... The way to resolve a story about greed and ambition is always to punish both parties for their goal-fixation, so however your story pans out, they must both lose out somehow; in terms of structure etc. and getting that cartoony feel for story-telling, take a look at the following examples;

  2. Hey Sam, i really like idea number two, loads of comic potential and you could get help from watching 'Ratatouille; there is the pressure of the renowned food critic having the ability to bring down an entire restaurant chain if he gives a bad review. :)

  3. I quite like idea number 2 and 5, number 2 has a lot you could expand on and play around with, and number 5 I think could be really interesting, you might just have to make the story a bit simpler to fit into 1 minute :)