Monday, 14 January 2013

Storytelling and Commission: More Plot Ideas

Two ideas I think are the most successful so far:


  1. I like the sweet ending in story 2 but I also like the fun that you could have in making the dynamite into a 'god' in story 1 .

  2. Loving the dynamite God. And there is definite potential of a ticking bomb in idea 2. Now its down to which one you prefer. Unknowledgeable tribes people blowing up their island or a happily ever after in the chefs kitchen...? :)

  3. I like idea 2 - very sweet natured!

    (And the new blog template is very cute too!)

  4. Hey Sam - me again. I've read over Idea 2 and the idea of the desert island with two competing restaurants just works as a set-up, and the stick of dynamite just gives you that loony tunes feel. I think these are strong elements in terms of structuring your story. Perhaps you need to think more combatatively about your 2 characters - make them both less sympathetic and make it that their struggle for supremacy destroys the island, leaving them both worse off somehow. I know you're not yet gripped by your character design tasks, so maybe you need to think about ethnicity and some further research to help you get more excited. It's likely that your chefs are going to be fish chefs, cooking on the beach - even deciding this one small factor opens up opportunities for visual gags as they seek to cook bigger and bigger fish. In terms of that stick of dynamite, if you go for a classic loony tunes-style structure, you are allowed to have that stick of dynamite just 'appear' in your story, because in this special instance, having sticks of dynamite 'just appear' is part of the convention of this sort of animation genre. Its impossibility and implausibility represent a known and beloved trope in animation. Characters at war ALWAYS have random sticks of dynamite!

    Check out the structure of this animated short by Pixar for some further pointers: