Saturday, 19 January 2013

Storytelling and Commission: Ideas

Last decision - 
                      first chart is a more finalised and descriptive story that has already been uploaded. 
                      I tried making these two chefs more competitive but it wasn't working for me at all,
                      that's why I decided to stick to the old idea of one of them being honest and happy 
                      and second jealous and furious. 

                      Together with a friend of mine we gave it 'one last shot'. We tried thinking about a 
                      different story with a different kind of conflict. This is what we came up with: 

At first we wanted it to be a whole battle between the chef and the fish but connecting it to the dynamite and desert island seemed harder than we thought. 
When we had ideas for the island and the chef, dynamite wasn't logically connected in any way. When the dynamite and the chef seemed to work - the island was more like an obstacle. 

Any suggestions, ideas? 

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  1. Stop fighting it, Sam - Idea No 8 is lovely. It makes good use of all of your three components (i.e. they are all necessary, but become invisible in the fabric of the narrative). Personally, I think it's going to be very challenging in regard to how you show the chef's change of heart in the third act with the short running time available to you. In terms of character design and production design, your challenge will be choosing a geographical location that gives you lots and lots of possibilities - think ethnically, so that all your props, places and faces are rich in terms of style. This story idea also requires you to design in terms of contrasts. How about putting some influence maps together - let's start getting some colour, texture and ethnicity into the mix...