Saturday, 12 January 2013

'Like-for-Like' Storyboard - Treasure Planet

For this exercise I decided to use Disney's Treasure Planet movie. At first I wanted to do it traditionally on paper, using a pencil but due to lack of scaner this idea failed and eventually I ended up doing it fully in Photoshop.

I am not hiding that in most of them I used screen-shoots from the movie as I found it too time-consuming to look at the screen and switch to Photoshop trying to remember how the scene looked like.

Anyway, I'd very much appreaciate any feedback as I am not sure if it's not too many panels for 30 seconds of animation. I feel like it's a good amount as the action is understandable and clear.

And here is the part of the movie:


  1. looking good, sam. a very emotive, clear and importantly, interpretable, storyboard. one thing i think that could add to it somewhat would be transitions between certain shots, in particular, the moment where the pink blob thing (yeah, ok, i've never seen Treasure Planet...) is thrown into the pipe, and the camera pans up. i can see you've indicated the movement with an arrow, but an additional frame above it would make the transition a little clearer and would also depict the way in which the blob is propelled through the ventilation. all in all though sam, this could easily be interpreted by a cinematographer, and personally, i didn't have any real trouble following it. good job!

  2. This was so easy to read :D I looooove treasure planet, I could hear the movie over the top of your story board. It works very well!!!

  3. Wow this is great. Nice work Sam! p.s loving the whale at the top of the page layout!!!