Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Showreel Update

Latest version of the showreel.
The father texture pass needs re-rendering again as his skin is too glossy.

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  1. Hi Sam

    Yes that's much better...a couple of minor tweaks...

    1) The standing drawn image of the Shadow is not fading away correctly (16 seconds)
    2) At the end where your logo appears either add an email address of phone number - Always assume that your reel will get separated from your CV or application and therefore make sure your contact details are on everything you submit.
    3) On your breakdown sheet make sure you 'explain your shots' so that the viewer understands that the artwork is yours too....eg along side an image of your work add...you designed and made the character, what for, how long it took, and using what software - Look up Demo Reel Breakdown sheets for examples.