Sunday, 15 December 2013

Character Design: Final Sidekick and Costumes

 More clothes for the hero, again based on the Husary outfits and armor. First sheet presents the general idea of how the armor could look like, however the hero doesn't need it and would probably never wear it, and that's why there are not many of those.
Sheet two however shows ideas for more casual clothing.

Final Sidekick figured out; more tentacle-like details added, feet and general form of the body defined.

 The Sidekick not being happy and enthusiastic about the idea of clothes. Few clothes ideas (just for fun) that came to my mind late in the night. The hawaiian skirt definitely feels like the right type of outfit!

And few more serious ideas. My favourites are number 3 and 6. I wanted them all to feel like something that doesn't necessary have to cover the whole body but only needs to give the audience that feeling that "whatever will do, because he doesn't want to wear it anyway". 

Any feedback will be well appreciated :)

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