Wednesday, 25 December 2013

@Alan: Skinning Problems

 When following Skinning the Upper Body tutorial I came across this problem:
Even though the point was correctly weighted to a joint it didn't want to move to it's place. I tried weighting it to a different joint but it didn't help either. 
After awhile I thought I finally got it, the point moved and seemed to be ok but then something even worse happened: 
 A point weighted to spine joint moved together with shoulder joint and when I came back to animation of the arm which was on the beginning of the timeline this is what happeened:
More points started moving with joints that they were not weighted to...Is there a way to fix it? Sorry for bothering while it's Christmas... : (


  1. Hi Sam! Hope you are okey! :) The only reason I can think of why this is happening is the values you use? You must only keep adding values to a vertex, never reduce it. For example if you think a vertex needs less value onto a joint you do not reduce it but add it onto another vertex. If you reduce he weight values, then they can spread anywhere causing weight issues like this. That's all I can think of at the moment :)

  2. Hi Sam

    It could be an error with Maya, a max influence problem, or a bind setting. The best solustion is to rebind the mesh in the following way...

    1) Detach Skin
    2) Select Joints then the mesh
    3) Smooth Bind - Bind Skin -Options

    Bind to - Selected Joints
    Normalize Weights - Interactive
    Max Influences - 1

    4) Select the mesh and open the attribute editor / Skin cluster node.
    5) Set the max influences to 5 (Don't update).
    6) Edit weights