Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Character Design: Villain and His Face Expressions

Following the idea of the story of fantasy dystopia with an evil scientist being posseses by a demon, I had to work on designing the human and the demon. The sheet below presents early designs of both characters:  

For the scientist I decided to go with number 2, although the demon needed some more exploration. Below is what the demon's design and his possible facial expressions: 

 Some expressions of the scientist and a quick sketch of a moment of the demon waiting for the human's soul to be possesed:

 Up until today's classes the existing idea was that after selling his soul, the scientist would slowly start changing into a demon he sold his soul to. Sketches below present the form of the combination of the scientist and the demon:
However, after talking it through with Justin, we agreed that it will be better to give the human character just small characteristics of the demon instead of changing him fully. 


  1. Sam these are looking awesome! Can't wait to see your final 3 together :)