Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Character Design: Figuring out the Sidekick

After designing the villain and the hero, the time has come for the sidekick to be designed. The process took some time as I wasn't sure which way I should go, however I did know that he had to be an underwater creature.

 After not seeing any effects in random inspirations, I decided to focus on only one sea-creature at a time. First one to go was Aksolotl - an andorable creature with interesting body structure and colours.

Still unsure and unconvinced I went to seek help from Justin. After a conversation and analize of each design I got convinced that lower right design on the left sheet is good and that it should be carried on into further development. Sheet below shows few quick expression drawing that I did just to make sure I liked this guy enough to make him the sidekick. 


  1. Hi Sam - she's looking very strong, very powerful, very 'heroic'... too heroic for a side-kick? I'm just sticking my nose in here and responding to the drawings - she's looking very 'alpha' to me - one tough cookie!

    1. I guess you are right. Thank you for pointing that out : )
      I will either have to make sure that the hero is more heroic or make the sidekick a bit less.
      Also - that's a 'he' there : D

    2. oh - oops - I just read 'it' as a 'her' - a kind of warrior female-type - it's the hair/tentacles I think. That was my point - how much more heroic can your hero be, I wonder when this character looks so independent and kick-ass?