Sunday, 9 September 2012

Summer Project Silhouettes

At last I found some time to upload a note on the blog : )

Phew, I had a lot of things to do and when I found out about the summer project I didn't know if to cry or laugh!
I choose to laugh and started working on my concepts. At first I started sketching without the silhouettes, looking only on the given objects.
After that I found out about the "silhouettes" way od doing the task and it really started going well. It's easier, gives more ideas and thinking about the given objects is not the same.

In this very first note I want to upload the silhouttes I've made and here they are:


  1. I LOVE these, Samantha - so bold! And I'm sorry you had a shock when you discovered the existence of the summer project. I suspect you won't be the only one; there appears to be a communication problem somewhere with students not accessing the link - or not knowing they're supposed to. Anyway - I love how elaborate some of these silhouettes are - I like 2 very much, like somekind of steampunk cityscape! :)

  2. Hey Samantha,

    I'm Jake and I'm another first year starting in September. I really do like your silhouettes. 1 and 20 really stand out for me and look very interesting for development.

    Look forward to meeting you soon! :)

  3. Hey Samantha, welcome to the UCA CG Arts and Animation community!
    I'm Steven, a second year student, and I'm going to be your mentor during your time on the course.

    I'm here to help, so if you are ever in any doubt, don't hesitate to come to me, whatever the problem. Whether it be developing ideas, technical challenges in Maya or you simply want a chat, work or otherwise, get in touch and I'll do my best to point you in the right direction!

    You can contact me either through my blog (, directly through email ( or in person (I'm typically around the baseroom most days of the week).

    In regards to your Summer Project, these silhouettes are mind-blowing! Unbelievably striking! I can't wait to see how you develop these further. I was a little worried when I didn't see any posts on your blog, but you've made your debut worth the wait! Awesome!

    I look forward to seeing the evolution of your Summer Project over the coming weeks, and I will properly introduce myself in person when we finally get to meet the new gang at the end of the month!

    Good luck, and keep those posts coming!

  4. Hey Samantha!

    These are impressive! I like 2, 19 and 15 the most

  5. Samantha,
    these are incredible creations, your creatures, your structures, the machines. I love these designs! And I really love your shading techniques. I think I'm going to learn a lot from you in the next 3 years!