Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Summer Prioject - Sketches

At first, I would like to divide my sketches into two groups. Group one is the part I created without using silhouettes; directly from the given objects. It was quite difficult, because I had to see something new in obvious things. It's hard not to see a shoe while looking at one; brain needs some time to start thinking differently. Here is what I managed to create :

Some of them are rough sketches, some more detailes pieces. My personal favs are numbers 17, 13 and 6.
I might also say that numbers are in chronological order and it's quite visible how the ideas transform (at least for me it is, hehe~).

Group two is the part of sketches created with help and use of silhouettes:

The total amount of sketches I managed to create is 41. I fear that I'm not able to go any further with this task, as I'm having a really rough time with all my duties and "moving out" issues.
Also creating turnarounds and more detailes projects seems to be impossible. It is a shame I cannot complete the very first task but it can't be helped.


  1. these are looking great, samantha! i know what you mean when you say "its hard not to see a shoe whilst looking at one". its all about pushing past the obvious to find something you'd normally never associate with the object. maybe thinking about the object in a different role might help? for example, a shoe may not be treated as footwear at all in some crazy, parallel world.
    its nice to see you've been experimenting with both biological and mechanical creations too. personally, when i made an attempt at this project, i found it incredibly hard to see anything but very mechanized and industrial creations.
    i absolutely love number 8, by the way. very Escher!
    keep up the good work and i hope you manage to sort out your accommodation issues soon. good luck!

  2. some GORGEOUS drawing here, Samantha - such delicacy and expressiveness. I love 26 - he/she/it looks a bit sad somehow; 32 - creepy! And I like the 'flea-like' drawings 30/29. I was excited to see this, so I look forward to seeing the selection of the final 3... :)

  3. These drawings are WICKED. I like no.7, very abstract and out of this world not to mention a great depth of shading. I'm looking forward to seeing more of the work you produce!!

  4. Thank you for following my blog.

    Great exploratory drawings here, I like how you deconstruct and rebuild the pieces together.

    any questions just drop a line.

  5. Your drawing style reminds me very much of Victor Ambrus, fantastic pencil work: