Friday, 18 September 2015

Druid Concept Art


  1. I really love this, it sort of reminds me of Spriggans from Elder Scrolls ^_^

  2. So beautiful, It was nice to see you stream the process aswell, perhaps you should plug the stream on here :D

  3. Hi Sam...

    Hope you are well

    Sorry its taken a while to post a comment (busy as always). A beautifully painted picture as always - Although I'm going to be a bit critical (don't throw things at me through the screen!). I think your drawing is a little bit there are two levels of drawing happening, one highly detailed and one cartoony. If you put your hand over the characters head and look at his hands they are painted in a very detailed manner....if you do the reverse you have a cartoony / less detailed style in the face. Either the face/ hair needs more detail or vice versa. It's an easy fix and very common problem when drawing / designing characters.

    1. Thank you Alan! I haven't noticed it before : ) That's a very useful comment!