Thursday, 23 April 2015

Animation: Twins Appear

After re-thinking and re-designing the section of storyboard with the twins appearing the time has come to animate it. I decided to break the scene into smaller segments, because of the weight of the files. The first to work with was the Mushroom Twin.

The dynamics have been tweaked and overall animation added. First 100 frames are not going to be used in the actual animation, as it's the time for dynamics to settle and snap to point.

Next it was the Plant Twin with a similar process to go through. Her hair is still to be tweaked.

For the son's animation I decided to go with a really subtle movement as he should not be the main focus of the shot. 

And a test of the Son and the Mushroom Twin together in one scene (again, starting between 00:03-00:04). 

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